Posted by: peakfreak | July 12, 2008

It’s Been Emotional

Well, just when I thought all the fun was lost and the swap chain wouldn’t complete, just like buses, 3 offers came along at once. One for a playboat, one was a substantial (and very tempting) cash offer but best of all one for a creek boat.
So guess what, the swap chain is now complete and I am now the proud owner of a Pyranha H3 245, yay! (insert cheers, applause and fireworks here). ūüôā
Many thanks to the person who is now the proud owner of the Seaking and of course many thanks to everyone who has swapped, offered swaps and supported me during this mad and very enjoyable project. Who would have thought you can turn a simple silver paperclip into a creek boat. What started out as a bit of a laugh, gained momentum and turned out a great result.
What next I am thinking, well Air Traffic Control still wants an open boat so maybe a new swap chain is in order to get one hmmm!
Anyhow thanks again to all involved and see you on the water soon, to finish here is a picture of my new pride and joy.
Bye all.

The new paperclip

The new paperclip

Posted by: peakfreak | July 7, 2008

She Has To Go

Hello again all

Well the Seaking has to go, Air Traffic Control (The Wife) has decided that she wants me to get an open canoe so the Seaking has to be either swapped or sold to pay for aforementioned open boat.
It’s been emotional ūüėČ and I have had great fun on the journey, and the few trips out in the Seaking.

So, last chance for swapsies and then she goes on the market.

The bummer in all this is I now have to get my hand in my pocket and pay for a creeker, in time for the Wet West Paddlefest in September. ;-(

Ho hum!
Contact me if you are interested in swapping or buying.

Posted by: peakfreak | April 13, 2008

She’s All Set To Go Now

Hello again, well I have finished all the restoration on the Seaking now and I’m sure you will agree she’s looking pretty darn good now. Maybe now is the time for you all to get out ya creek boats and make me an offer for her.

She has had all the seams redone, I have prepared all the surface and after speaking with some very nice man at a local yacht chandalery, I was advised to use some new super gucci paint on her that is designed for painting over prepared gelcoat. I have put on brand new rigging rope and bungee cord and to finish off I have put brand new hatch rings and covers. The original hatches were, to be honest, looking a bit shabby so I treated the craft to the new ones from in Plymouth. I can highly recommend them as their service was fantastic and very reasonable prices. I ordered the hatches at 4pm and they arrived by 1pm the following day all for £5 cheaper than anywhere else. The foam is fitted temporarily for the seat, I have done a temp fit as it will make it easier for whoever takes the kayak on to shape it for their own backside, there is plenty of foam there so you should be able to get it plenty comfy.

To top it all the kayak floats like a dream, I took it out on Lake Ullswater the other day and had a tremendous time with it, I’m almost tempted to keep the craft and try and get a creek boat elsewhere but I suppose that would defeat the purpose of this venture I set out to do. What I will say is that if I don’t get a swap in, lets say 30 days from now then maybe I will use the boat for other means. ūüôā


Posted by: peakfreak | January 15, 2008

Just An Update

Hi all, I just thought I would give a bit of an update on how things are going with the swap as I have had several messages asking how things are going and is the swap on hold as they had heard about me starting to restore the Seaking.

Quite simply the swap is sort of on hold, by that I mean I am performing a little restoration on the Seaking, ploding away with sorting out the seams, the seat and tidying up the repairs in order to make it that bit more appealing to whoever is sensible enough to take it on.

I have stripped back all the black diamonds as they were looking very tatty due to them being just painted on with Duluxs’ finest gloss.
Also I have removed all the ancillaries hatches, rigging etc and I am cleaning them up.

I am just trying to source a kind paint sprayer (there will be one out there somewhere) who will be willing to gun a few coats of paint over the craft and I will give her a good polish then. Believe me when this is all finished whoever takes the next swap will have a cracking sea kayak.

In the meantime the swapping will still continue should someone want to take over the restoration works as a bit of a project but be aware as the project moves on then whatever you have to swap will have to be just that little bit bigger and better.
See you all soon.

Posted by: peakfreak | January 7, 2008

Almost There Now

Well we are almost there now and this is getting serious. The surf board didn’t hang around long and the next thing I have for you, I very much doubt will be available for long either.

I now have in my possesion a fantastic item, it is a Sea King sea kayak. It has done some travelling and is a veteran craft but it is in sound condition but does require a little TLC to bring her back to her former glory.
The seat is missing, the rear hatch is a temporary one and the seam needs retaping but other than that the craft is sound.
This would make an ideal short term restoration project, so much so I was seriously considering changing my mind from wanting a creek boat to taking on this project myself. Unfortunately my wife had other ideas and decided that the creeker is what I wanted and she would rather have me away now and then boating rather than being locked away in the garage restoring this kayak. ūüôā

So grab your chance now and make me an offer for this lovely craft. As I said at the beginning of this post we are nearly there so lets keep the momentum going. If you want to make me an offer for this item then email me by clicking here and I will get back to you if your offer is of interest.

Sea King Sea King Sea King Sea King

Posted by: peakfreak | January 7, 2008

Goin to Surf City

Well I was beginning to think that my venture was slowing down a bit, until I got into work today and was approached by someone who wanted to swap the watch I have for, get this, a surf board.

I am led to believe that it is a Kite Surfing board and is in absolutly excellent condition. It is made by Gul apparently and is a very high quality board with all the required fixtures and fittings. I cannot confirm this fully as I am to Kite Surfing what Agatha Christie is to Arc Welding, but I am trying to contact a local surfer dude to find out.

Anyhow; I now have for swap a wonderful purply blue kite surf board.

Kite Surf Board Top  Kite Surf Board Bottom

Posted by: peakfreak | January 3, 2008


Exactly as the title says Wow! I started this venture at approx 3am today by posting on probably the best paddling forum around (UK Rivers Guide Book) and then when I went to work I mentioned it to a few colleagues and to a couple of mates via email.
Almost immediately a work colleague swapped me a pen for the paperclip and then, whilst driving home for my lunch a former workmate rang me and said he would swap the pen for a limited edition corporate gift watch he had, which I duly accepted.

I was planning to add a blog to my 3 Peaks Challenge website that I run, but, due to the speed and responses I have had already, I thought it would be prudent for me to put the blog on WordPress.
At this rate I might even get my new Burn before the month is out ūüôā

I didn’t manage to get a photo of the pen as it all happened so quickly but I will try and get one later, just so you can join in my fun.
Not that it matters though, as the important thing is that I now have available to swap, a very elegant looking corporate gift watch, emblazoned on the face with the name of a major European transport company that I used to work for (Roadferry).
I know the history of these watches and that there were only a small amount of them made, I will try and find out just how many.

Roadferry Watch Full Length Roadferry watch face

Posted by: peakfreak | January 3, 2008

Well Here Goes

I want a Pyranha Burn ¬†M or L or a similar creekboat and I haven’t got the funds for one so lets see if I can convert a single silver paperclip into a shiny new creekboat. ūüôā
What is a Pyranha Burn/Creekboat you may ask? It is a large kayak designed for whitewater use and seeing as one of my passions is for whitewater kayaking then I have decided that I need one to progress further.

How it works is simple really – I’m going to make a continuous chain of ‘up trades’ from a simple silver paperclip until I get a Pyranha Burn. Or a similar creek boat. You get the idea.
It worked for Kyle MacDonald who traded 1 Red Paperclip for a house so as I haven’t set my sights too high I am hoping you will all just see me as a “cheeky chappie” and be willing to help me achieve my goal.

I have a perfectly formed, shiny silver paperclip in my possesion which I will swap for something bigger and better. The paperclip has all the bends in the correct places and has no dents or gouges.

A Silver Paperclip